"A documentary as eloquent as its title."

Kevin Thomas
Los Angeles Times

"The strange journey of the mercurial—and promising—playwright Oakley Hall lll is one for the books. Bill Rose's beautiful and compelling documentary about Hall, The Loss of Nameless Things, is one of the highlight of this year's Cinequest."

Richard Von Busack
San Jose Metro
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"This is the proverbial American tragedy set against the backdrop of theater, and it makes for a super documentary—thought-provoking, fascinating and chilling. This marks producer/director Bill Rose's first feature, and it's a great one."

Mark Burger
Winston-Salem Journal

"Bill Rose's marvelous, haunting documentary of the life of playwright Oakley Hall is far more prickly and unclassifiable than any scripted narrative, and thus infinitely more moving."

Moira MacDonald
Seattle Times

"Director Bill Rose scores a triumphant success with his first feature-length documentary"

Steve Barnes
Albany Times Union

"Bill Rose's engrossing, fine documentary The Loss of Nameless Things is one of the best glimpses into the redemptive power of art we've seen. Catch it if you can."

Marc Savlov
Austin Chronicle

"This engrossing story is so fantastic that it almost seems unreal, but that doesn't make it any less inspiring. Once again, it's proven that truth is stranger than fiction."

Eric Campos
Film Threat
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"What a story this film has to tell."

Robert Horton
Everett Herald

"Think 'A Beautiful Mind' with sex appeal."


"A haunting, lyrical story that resonates and reverberates with the metaphorical power of great art."

The SC Independent
Rhode Island

"An inspiring and heart-wrenching documentary."

Savannah Morning News

"JUST WHEN you think you've seen the festival's best documentary of the year (the award-winning "Born into Brothels"), along comes "The Loss of Nameless Things"...An epic story made with an incredible eye by Bill Rose. If there's such a thing as must-see cinema, this is it."

Bill Varble
Mail Tribune, Oregon

"Like a fine piece of theatre, completely wrings our emotions out to dry and then lingers in the mind for days afterward."

Birmingham Weekly

"a great film ...completely absorbing and deeply haunting portrait of once promising playwright Oakely Hall lll. Look for it soon in theaters or on dvd."

Chris Garcia
Austin Statesmen

"No SF DocFest selection is more moving, or more melancholy, than THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS, Bill Rose's exploration of the life of playwright Oakley Hall lll."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Deeply moving, beautiful and haunting—an unforgettable first film."

HOOP DREAMS Filmmaker Peter Gilbert

"The Loss of Nameless things is terrific film, a suspenseful and very moving story of the two lives of a greatly talented, but then near-fatally damaged man of the theater... A suspenseful revelation of his rise and fall and resurrection. A rare story, extremely well told."

William Kennedy
Author, "Ironweed"

"Anyone who has ever been associated with live theater must put The Loss of Nameless Things at the top of their must-see list."

John Stackpole
Audience Magazine
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"The parallels between Hall's art and life are haunting, as though the artist envisioned the life he was about to lead before it happened. This is the stuff of Greek tragedy, of a wild Jack Kerouac figure transformed into Frankenstein monster, of selling one's soul to the devil. Rose connects the mortal man to the myths with superb artistry."

Susan Tavernetti
Palo Alto Weekly

"Tragic and inspiring My favorite (Cleveland International) festival filmˇmoved me in ways I can barely describe."

Melinda J. Benson
Northern Ohio Live

"Run don't walk to see The Loss of Nameless Things. Amazing story...Essential viewing."

Birmingham City Paper Black and White

"The clear-eyed tale of a playwright's misfortune...In the end we mourn the loss of his former self not because he was once a genius but because it is something that happens to everybody."

City Paper, Washington, DC

"The Loss of Nameless Things" is at once tragic and triumphant. The real story of writer Oakley Hall III's long struggle to create art again after a traumatic brain injury laments the loss of one person and celebrates the re-birth of another. He relates a compelling story for thousands of other people with brain injuries who are all too often ignored and disregarded in our society.

Eric Makowski
Public Policy Chair for the Brain Injury Association of Texas
President of Brown-Karhan Rehabilitation

"An extraordinary documentary..."
A true triumph-of-the-human-spirit story... moving this audience to a standing ovation during the "q & a."...A must see on the big screen."

Bay Area Casting News


Bill Rose set out to film Oakley Hall III's demise, but what he found was rebirth

Jacob Adelman
San Francisco Chronicle
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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A Theater's Broken Soul
Film shares healing odyssey of Oakley Hall...
"A remarkable new documentary."

Steve Barnes
Albany Times Union
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A New Life Rises After The Fall

Fred LaBrun
Albany Times Union
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Documentary Tribute to Power of Genius

Bob Goepfert
Troy Record
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Feature Story:
A Shadow of Himself

Robert Nott
The Santa Fe New Mexican
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